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For a demonstration, a general description, and information about support, distribution, copyright, and authorship, see the main Inote page.

Downloading and Installing Inote

You can download Inote and associated utilities from the Inote download page. On that page, you will find two downloadable Inote packages--a Windows95 application with installer and with the Java Runtime Environment built in, and a tar file containing only the Inote class files. If you are a Windows95 user, we recommend the you download the application package. If you are on other platforms, we recommend downloading the tar file. If you intend to distribute annotated images via the Web, you will need the tar file in any case.

Menu Options

Show/Hide Panner

Info Button

This button (available in both Inote and the ImageSizer applet) will display information about the image loaded, including any textual information embedded in the image header (screen shot).


Plus/Minus Buttons

These buttons magnify or reduce the size of the loaded image by 5% for each click.


Status Bar

At the bottom left of the Inote window you will see status messages for the Inote software, such as "Loading Data" or "Ready".


Running Inote as an Applet

Associated Utilities

Future Plans

Known Bugs and Limitations

NB: The bugs and limitations listed here are those which apply to the most recent version of the software: older versions may have bugs, not listed here, which have been fixed. The latest version of Inote 6.0 was uploaded on 3/31/98.


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